List of Bloodstone Locations

bloodstone locations

Below is the complete list of Bloodstone locations in the Uncharted Seas. Collecting 40 Bloodstones allows a player to trade them for the Triloth Spell from the Bloodstone Collector. Collecting 55 of them earns a player the Crimson Collector challenge accomplishment and the Apple GameCenter achievement of the same name.

The Hero may collect Bloodstones in any succession and at any point of the game (before fighting the final form of Oceanhorn), but some of them require solving puzzles and/or special equipment items (such as Bombs, Bow and Arrows, and Trencher Boots) to collect.

# Location Sublocation Requirements Image
1 Hermit’s Island Trencher Boots
Bloodstone Location 001
2 Sandbar
Bloodstone Location 002
3 Sandbar
4 Bomb Island
5 Bomb Island Trencher Boots
6 Bomb Island
7 Bomb Island Abandoned Mines – Depths
8 Bomb Island Abandoned Mines – Tunnels You need to solve a puzzle with crates to get to this Bloodstone.
9 Bomb Island Cave You need to Bomb a wall to this Bloodstone.
10 Whithered Lands Desert Caverns You need to Bomb a wall to this Bloodstone.
11 Whithered Lands Pirta Desert
12 Great Forest Restless Grove You need to Bomb a wall in which this Bloodstone resides.
13 Great Forest Forest Shrine – Outside
14 Hermit’s Island Great Chronicler’s Grave
15 Tikarel Trail to Humming Hill You need to Bomb a wall to this Bloodstone.
16 Tikarel Trail to Humming Hill You need to Bomb a wall to this Bloodstone (it is not far from the Bloodstone #15).
17 Tikarel Crayfish Cave
18 Tikarel Crayfish Cave
19 Tikarel Crayfish Cave
20 Reef
21 Reef
22 Skerry
23 Southwind Isle
24 Southwind Isle
25 Gillfolk’s Drop
26 Gillfolk’s Drop
27 Old Fortress Abandoned Pier Trencher Boots
28 Old Fortress Abandoned Pier
29 Old Fortress Direfolk’s Hideout
30 Old Fortress Abandoned Pier
31 Gillfolk’s Drop Frozen Palace – Main Hall
32 Gillfolk’s Drop Frozen Palace – Main Hall Trencher Boots
33 Gillfolk’s Drop Deep Cove Bombs, Trencher Boots
(to the right past the treasure chest #73)
34 Tikarel Bombs (to get through the Crayfish Cave), Trencher Boots
35 Whithered Lands Pirta Desert Trencher Boots
36 Whithered Lands Pirta Desert Trencher Boots
37 Great Forest Trencher Boots
38 Great Forest Heart of Pirta Trencher Boots
39 Riptide Reef Trencher Boots
40 Riptide Reef Trencher Boots
41 Southwind Isle Trencher Boots
42 Graveyard Island
43 Graveyard Island
44 Graveyard Island
45 Graveyard Island
46 Sky Island Bombs
47 Sky Island Bombs
48 Sky Island Grand Core
49 Sky Island Grand Core – Showroom Trencher Boots
50 Sky Island Grand Core – Cooling Hall You need to stomp a button to raise water level to get to this bloodstone.
51 Home Island
52 Home Island
53 Home Island
54 Arcadia Ruins
55 Arcadia Ruins Trencher Boots
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